Site Map

The entrance into the Kimble/Zetty web site with an introductory web site overview

Who We Are
Includes links to our professional qualifications, client feedback, and a representative client list

How We Can Help
Applications and uses of facilitated processes and a general introduction to the services we provide

Our Values
The core values upon which our professional practice is based

Our Beliefs
The core beliefs upon which our professional practice is based

Our Processes
Entrance page for our facilitated process links

Meetings that Work
An overview of how to turn frustrating and unproductive meetings into enjoyable and effective working sessions

How a Facilitated Session Works
An overview of what actually happens in a professionally facilitated meeting

Our Facilitation Style
An overview of the style and approach we use in cofacilitating meetings for our clients

Partnering: The Key to Successful Project Management
An introduction to Partnering as an effective strategy for successfully managing any type of collaborative project

The Basic Elements of the Partnering Process
A wide range of facilitation tools and options that can be included in the design of our Partnering workshops.

Open Space: Exploring Spirit and Wisdom at Work
An introduction to Open Space: an innovative, self-organizing and refreshingly different approach to meeting management which will significantly change the way you think about and participate in meetings!

Our Services
An overview of our approach to management consulting and meeting facilitation, and the commitment we make in working with our client-partners

Site Map
A comprehensive listing of all the web pages on the Kimble/Zetty web site, with brief descriptions of each.